Lutheran Quarterly

2018 Reviews

Review Essays published in 2018 (3)
Alberto Melloni et al, eds., Martin Luther:  A Christian between Reforms and Modernity (1517-2017)  Three volumes (Mark Mattes)  32/3
Derek Nelson/Paul Hinlicky, eds., The Oxford Encyclopedia of Martin Luther Three volumes (Mark Mattes)  32/3
Timothy J. Wengert, ed., Dictionary of Luther and the Lutheran Traditions (H. George Anderson)  32/3
Reviews published in 2018 (60)
Joachim Bahlcke, et al., eds. The Luther Effect in Eastern Europe.  History—Culture—Memory  (Robert Kolb)  32/4
Stephen M. Beall, ed. And trans.  Libellus Addressed to Leo X, Supreme Pontiff. By Blessed Paolo Giustiniani and Pietro Querini   (Amy Nelson Burnett) 32/4
Eva-Marie Becker/Kenneth Mtata, eds., Pauline Hermeneutics:  Exploring the “Power of the Gospel” (Troy Troftgruben)  32/1
Robert Benne, Keeping the Soul in Christian Higher Education:  A History of Roanoke College  (Mark Mattes)   32/1
Chiara Bertoglio, Reforming Music: Music and the Religious Reformations of the Sixteenth Century (Joseph Herl)  32/1
Dietrich Blaufuss/Jacob Corzine, eds., Wilhelm Löhe und Bildung/Wilhelm Loehe and Christian Formation  (Mark Mattes)  32/1
Heath W. Carter/Laura Rominger Porter, eds., Turning Points in the History of American Evangelicalism.  (Mark Dixon)  32/1
Jarrett A. Carty, God and Government:  Martin Luther’s Political Thought  (Mark Mattes)  32/2
Stephen J. Chester, Reading Paul with the Reformers:  Reconciling Old and New Perspectives  (R. David Nelson)  32/2
Ingolf Dalferth, Creatures of Possibility:  The Theological Basis of Human Freedom (Adam Morton)  32/2
Markus Friedrich, et al., eds. Konfession, Politik, und Gelehrsamkeit. Der Jenaer Theologe Johann Gerhard (1582-1637) im Kontext seiner Zeit.  (Glenn Fluegge)  32/1
Alberto L. Garcia and John A. Nunes Wittenberg Meets the World: Reimagining the Reformation at the Margins (Douglas Groll)   32/4
Elisabeth Gerle, Passionate Embrace: Luther on Love, Body, and Sensual Presence (Aaron Klink)  32/2
Markus Gerstmeier/Anton Schindling, eds. Ernst Walter Zeeden (1916-2011) als Historiker der Reformation…   (Robert Kolb)  32/2
Justo L. Gonzalez, The Mestizo Augustine:  A Theologian Between Two Cultures  (Walter Sundberg)  32/1
Mark Granquist, Most Certainly True: Lutheran History at a Glance (Christopher Richmann)  32/2
Mark Granquist, ed. Scandinavian Pietists: Spiritual writings from 19th-Century Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.   (Gracia Grindal)   32/1
N.F.S. Grundtvig, Living Wellsprings:  The Hymns, Songs,and Poems of N.F.S.Grundtvig trans.and ed. by Edward Broadbridge  (Paul Westermeyer)  32/2
Bridget Heal, A Magnificent Faith:  Art and Identity in Lutheran Germany  (Mark Mattes) 32/2
Eilert Herms, Systematische Theologie. Das Wesen des Christentums: In Wahrheit und aus Gnade leben (David Nelson)   32/1
Justin Holcomb/David Johnson, eds. Christian Theologies of the Sacraments (Gordon Jensen)  32/2
David A. Hollinger, Protestants Abroad: How Missionaries Tried to Change the World but Changed America  (Mark Nygard)  32/4
Graham Hughes, Reformed Sacramentality (Gordon Jensen)  32/2
David J. Kangas, Errant Affirmations: On the Philosophical Meaning of Kierkegaard’s Religious Discourses (Ronald Marshall)  32/4
Thomas Kaufmann, A Short Life of Martin Luther (Hans Wiersma)  32/1
Teresa A.K. Kaya, Diakonie auf americanisch; Geschichte und Profil des lutherischen “social ministry” in den USA  (H. George Anderson)  32/4
James M. Kittelson and Hans H. Wiersma, Luther the Reformer: The Story of the Man and His Career  2nd ed.    (Ken Schurb)  32/1
Susanne Kofler, Prophetie als Partizipation am Heilsplan?  Lutherische Prophetie im Konfessionellen Zeitalter (1550-1650) (Jason Lane)  32/4
Robert Kolb, Martin Luther and the Enduring Word of God:  The Wittenberg School and Its Scripture-Centered Proclamation  (Jeffrey Silcock)  32/2
Robert Kolb and Carl R. Trueman, Between Wittenberg and Geneva:  Lutheran and Reformed Theology in Conversation  (Meg Madson)  32/2
U.V. Koren, U. V. Koren’s Works.  Volume 4:  Memoirs, Poems, Miscellaneous  Ed. Mark DeGarmeaux  (Mark Mattes)  32/1
Mark A. Lamport, ed., Encyclopedia of Martin Luther and the Reformation (2 vols.)  (Martin Lohrmann)  32/4
Jason Lane, Luther’s Epistle of Straw:  The Voice of St. James in Reformation Preaching  (Aaron Klink)  32/2
Robin A. Leaver, The Whole Church Sings:  Congregational Singing in Luther’s Wittenberg    (Steven Wente)  32/1
Volker Leppin, Martin Luther: A Late Medieval Life   (Sherry Jordon)  32/4
Eric Lund, ed. A Documentary History of Lutheranism. Volume One: From the Reformation to Pietism.   Eric Lund and Mark Granquist, eds. A Documentary History of Lutheranism. Volume Two: From the Enlightenment to the Present  (Matthew Becker)  32/4
Godrick Lyimo, Empowerment and Autonomy of Women: Ushirika Wa Neema Deaconess Centre In the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Northern Diocese   (Anna Mercedes)  32/1
Larry Mansch and Curtis Peters, Martin Luther: The Life and Lessons (Hans Pohlsander)  32/1
Peter Marshall, Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation (Korey Maas) 32/4
Mark Mattes, Martin Luther’s Theology of Beauty: A Reappraisal   (Carl Springer)  32/2
Jennifer Powell McNutt/David Lauber, eds., The People’s Book:  The Reformation and the Bible (Martin Lohrmann)  32/1
Jonathan Mumme, Die Präsenz Christi im Amt   (Timothy Dost)  32/2
Samuel H. Nafzger, et al., eds., Confessing the Gospel:  A Lutheran Approach to Systematic Theology (Mark Mattes)  32/1
Robert H. Nelson, Lutheranism and the Nordic Spirit of Social Democracy:  A Different Protestant Ethic (Mark Mattes)  32/2
Elizabeth Palmer, Faith in a Hidden God: Luther, Kierkegaard, and the Binding of Isaac     (Ronald Marshall) 32/4
Paul Silas Peterson, Reformation in the Western World: an introduction (Amy Nelson Burnett)  32/1
Stefan Rhein/Martin Treu, eds.  Philipp Melanchthon:  Zur populaeren Rezeption des Reformators  (Timothy Wengert)  32/1
Risto Saarinen, Recognition and Religion: A Historical and Systematic Study (David Nelson)  32/2
Joy Schroeder, The Bible in Medieval Tradition:The Book of Jeremiah (John Hoyum) 32/2
Hans Schwarz, The Trinity: the Central Mystery of Christianity (Craig Nessan)  32/2
Hans Schwarz, True Faith in the True God: An Introduction to Luther’s Life and Thought  Revised and expanded edition    (Mark Mattes)  32/1
Peter Marshall, Heretics and Believers: A History of the English Reformation (Korey Maas)  32/4
Richard Rex, The Making of Martin Luther (Mark Tranvik)  32/4
Herman Selderhuis, Martin Luther:  A Spiritual Biography (Hans Wiersma)  32/4
Frank C. Senn, Eucharistic Body (Gordon Jensen)  32/2
Olli-Pekka Vainio, Disagreeing Virtuously:  Religious Conflict in Interdisciplinary Perspective (Robert Benne)  32/2
Kelly Joan Whitmer, The Halle Orphanage as Scientific Community:  Observation, Eclecticism, and Pietism in the Early Enlightenment (Gracia Grindal)  32/4
Chris Wickham, Medieval Europe (Jennifer Awes-Freeman)  32/4
Christian Volkmar Witt, Martin Luthers Reformation der Ehe    (Jane Strohl)  32/1
Sabine Zinsmeyer, Frauenkloester in der Reformationszeit:  Lebensformen von Nonnen in Sachsen zwischen Reform und landesherrlicher Aufhebung  (Beth Plummer)  32/1