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This short interview by Timothy Wengert about Volker Leppin’s book, “Sola: Christ, Grace, Faith and Scripture Alone in Martin Luther’s Theology” covers these four foundatio

Prof. Mary Jane Haemig interviews Dr. Gordon Jensen about his book "Experiencing Gospel, The History & Creativity of Martin Luther's 1534 Bible Project".

Our first Book Talks Interview with Dr. Mark Mattes interviewing Dr. Robert Kolb on his latest book, "Face to Face, Martin Luther's View of Reality".

The Quintcennial Perspective The beginning of the Protestant Reformation is often dated to Luther’s Ninety-five Theses in 1517, but those theses might have been forgotten if

Renewing Lutheran Faith and Practice The Augsburg Confession is the single most-important confession of faith among Lutherans today. However, it is often taught either from a histo

Since it first appeared in print in 1959, John Doberstein's Minister's Prayer Book has been a devotional classic among Lutheran pastors.

Presented on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, this collection of essays honors the life and work of Dr. Timothy J. Wengert.