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Lutheran Quarterly, New Series, a journal for all interested in the Evangelical-Lutheran Church everywhere, its history and theology, continues the tradition of Lutheran Quarterly, 1949–1977, a successor to Evangelical Review since 1849, Lutheran Church Review,1882, and the Augustana Quarterly, 1922.

Lutheran Quarterly appears in Spring, Summer Autumn & Winter issues each year.

The aims of the New Series are to provide a forum for:

  • the discussion of Christian Faith and life on the basis of the Lutheran Confession
  • the application of the principles of the Lutheran Church to the changing problems of religion and society
  • the fostering of world Lutheranism
  • the promotion of understanding between Lutherans and other Christians

Lutheran Quarterly is indexed in America with (ISSN 0024-7499):

  • History and Life,
  • Ecumenical Review,
  • Historical Abstracts,
  • Index to Religious Periodical Literature,
  • Luther Jahrbuch and
  • Religious Index One: Periodicals.

Lutheran Quarterly, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit society under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, May 21, 1984.


No portion of Lutheran Quarterly may be reproduced by any process or technique without the formal consent of the publisher. Please visit the Press’s permissions department at www.press.jhu.edu/ cgi-bin/permissions.cgi for more information.


Our Logo

VDMA: Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum

The biblical phrase represented on our cover and spelled out on the back cover, Verbum Domini Manet in Aeternum (I Peter 1.25), was adopted as motto by Luther’s sovereign, Frederick the Wise, and his successors. The original “Protestant’’ princes walking out of the imperial Diet of Speyer 1529, unruly peasants following Thomas Muentzer, and from 1531 to 1547 the coins, medals, flags and guns of the Smalcaldic League all bore the most famous Reformation slogan, the first Evangelical confession: the Word of the Lord remains forever.

While the appearance of the phrase varies in historical use, the square design on our pages since 1987 is an original trademark of Lutheran Quarterly, Inc., and should not be used without permission from the managing editor Virgil Thompson, vftonlummi@gmail.com.The square VDMA design is an original trademark since 1987 of Lutheran Quarterly, Inc., and should not be used without permission from the managing editor Virgil Thompson, ​vftonlummi@gmail.com.

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