Lutheran Quarterly

Oswald Bayer’s birthday Festivities

On October 4 last year, many colleagues and admirers gathered at the Protestant seminary (Stift) in Tübingen to celebrate Oswald Bayer’s 80th birthday (September 30, 2019).

The festivities began with this “Andacht” or meditation in the chapel given by his friend and colleague Athina Lexutt, framed by music, hymns, scripture, prayer and blessing.

Lexutt’s original and unpublished German text is here translated by Jeffrey Silcock, who has often translated Bayer’s own essays for Lutheran Quarterly, and who also edited and translated Lexutt’s Luther reader, namely, A Year with Luther (Adelaide: ATF Theology, 2016). 

Our thanks to Bayer and Lexutt for their permission to share this personal memento of the occasion, and to Silcock for the translation and for the photograph he took the next day.

The English Festschrift for Bayer, also presented to him on the same festive day, is now published: Promising Faith for a Ruptured Age: An English-Speaking Appreciation of Oswald Bayer, edited by John T. Pless, Joshua C. Miller, and Roland Ziegler (Eugene, Oregon: Pickwick Publications, 2019).

Read the Meditation HERE