Lutheran Quarterly

Autumn 23 Featured Book Review: Teaching Reformation: Essays in Honor of Timothy J. Wengert

Edited by Luka Ilic´ and Martin J. Lohrmann. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2021. 268 + xx pp.

Featuring studies of historical figures and texts and contributions that address the life of the church and the proclamation of the gospel today, this is a fitting celebration of the work of Timothy J. Wengert. Wengert’s career as professor, pastor, and servant of the church has been so productive that to attempt to summarize his contributions here would leave no room for discussion of the book. Happily, Paul Rorem provides an introduction to Wengert’s career (1–2), as well as a bibliography of Wengert’s scholarly contributions (253–62) that will benefit scholars, teachers, and students. In between, the reader is treated to a collection that, like Dr. Wengert, speaks to both academy and church.

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